Introducing a delivery app for everything.

Food, hardware, gardening tools, clothing: If it can fit in a car,
Agohra can bring it to you, wherever and whenever you need it.

The perfect shopping experience: none.

Last-minute emergency? Too busy to run to the store? Agohra makes it easy for shoppers to get whatever they need. Just list your desired items, let drivers bid on your orders, choose the best offer, and enjoy fast, hassle-free delivery. 

Need some extra cash?

Agohra lets you earn on your own schedule. Make good money cruising around your city, listening to your favorite tunes and bringing people the things that they love. 

Agohra Delivery App - Home Delivery Made Easy and Convenient

How it works

Home Food Delivery - Browse Products to Order

Browse Products

Choose from thousands of products you regularly buy from local stores you trust. Select your preferred delivery time and pickup address..

Home Water Delivery - Select a Driver in Greensboro

Pick a Driver

Once you post your order, drivers bid for the chance to deliver. Just pick the offer you like best, and your driver will bring it to the address you chose.

Home Water and Food Delivery - Get the Goods

Get the Goods

Your driver will head over to a local store, grab your items, and bring them to the specified address in the time frame you requested. Easy peasy!

Home Delivery Meals - Confirm Payment

Confirm Payment

Once you've received your items, you can easily pay your driver via the app. You’ll be charged what's on the receipt, plus a pre-approved delivery fee.

Deliver with Agohra and be your own boss.

As an Agohra driver, you’ll work on your own terms and run your own schedule. Mornings, afternoons, weekends–whenever you have spare time, Agohra lets you turn it into extra cash.

What you’ll do

When you see an order you’d like to fill, you’ll submit a bid with your proposed delivery fee and time estimate. Once a shopper accepts your bid, you’ll head to the store, purchase the items, and take them to their destination. You’ll be part driver, part shopper, all business.

You handle the wheel. We’ll handle the rest.

Don’t worry about collecting the right payment for the items you deliver. Just snap a picture of the receipt and the app will process the transaction.



Ready to get rolling with Agohra? Apply today to unlock your next side gig. Submit your contact info, and we’ll reach out shortly. You can also apply via the app, if you like.


Questions or comments? First, be sure to check out our FAQ. If we haven’t already answered your question, reach out by clicking the button below.


No. There is no membership fee to use Agohra, and the app can be downloaded for free. We do take a small commission from the delivery fees.

We are rapidly expanding our delivery range from our home base of central North Carolina. All we need in order to expand is you! Agohra can be used anywhere that there are shoppers and drivers ready to use it—so spread the word!

There’s no need to grab your wallet when you receive your order—all transactions occur through the app. Drivers will receive payments electronically to their bank accounts.

No. Your delivery driver will locate and purchase your items, just as you ordinarily would. There is no need to contact the store. 

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver alcohol or prescription medications at this time. Jet aircraft won’t fit into our cars, and all pandas belong to China, so those are off-limits, too. Sorry. 

All of our drivers are verified with background checks, and shoppers can choose where and when they would like to meet. As long as basic safety tips are followed, Agohra is no less safe than any other delivery service. 

When an Agohra driver purchases something for you, he or she will take a picture of the receipt. Our software then recognizes the total as the price you pay. Therefore, prices are always exactly whatever your local store is charging, without any upcharges.

What constitutes the “best” bid is completely up to you! You might prefer a driver who charges a lower price, or you might be willing to pay a little more for faster service. We leave it up to drivers and shoppers to determine what is fair for them. 

Every driver determines his or her delivery fee. You can select the fee that seems the most reasonable to you. For instance, you might be willing to pay a little more for a faster trip.

You must be present to accept your order and confirm payment. We don’t want to worry about Fido eating your order while you’re gone. 

Yes! Agohra can deliver food, gifts, flowers, or anything else to any address that has a human present to receive them. Send stuff to your mom, coworkers, friends, or grandma—just be aware, however, that we can’t leave packages on doorsteps while recipients are away.

As long as there is a human guardian present to sign off on the order, yes. 

Ready to get started? Agohra is now available for free on Google Play or in the App Store.


Shopping with Agohra is a snap. Here’s a brief walkthrough designed to guide you through using the app for the first time.

Thanks for your interest in joining the Agohra Go Team! This tutorial is designed to help you fulfill your first order.